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Low Speed Engines

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In association with our subsidiary company Diesel Marine International Dubai (DMI Dubai), we are able to provide repair and reconditioning services for large industrial and marine low speed diesel engines. With over 30 years of experience, DMI Dubai is a pioneer in servicing and reconditioning of industrial and marine engine components. The company has developed a reconditioning and exchange service which allows minimal engine downtime for the customer. DMI Dubai’s worldwide network of agents allows us to provide timely and quality service wherever your vessel is located.

Reconditioning is an ideal way of bringing the worn out components back to original dimensions quickly and economically. Maximum service life of components can be achieved with minimized maintenance costs without compromising reliability and quality. At DMI Dubai, we are able to recondition the following components:

Piston Crowns

Piston Crowns

DMI Dubai's "Total Reconditioning System " is designed to give ship operators ready access to low cost reconditioned pistons which in all respects are the equivalent of new....

Cylinder Cover

Cylinder Covers

DMI Dubai is a leader in the development of cost effective reconditioning methods for both conventional designs and the latest generation of bore cooled cylinder covers in co-operation with OEMs and ship owners....

Exhaust Valve Spindle

Exhaust Valve Spindles & Seats

DMI Dubai reconditions stainless steel and nimonic exhaust valve spindles back to OEM specifications. By reconditioning exhaust valve seats DMI Dubai is able to offer a complete solution for exhaust valve assembly...

Piston Rods

Piston Rods

DMI Dubai's reconditioning process brings the piston rod back to original size without the need to fit undersized stuffing box rings while maintaining surface properties....

Exhaust Valve Housing

Exhaust Valve Housing & Cages

DMI Dubai reconditions exhaust valve housings with the help of an indigenous fusion welding method. Fusion welding of cast iron ensures a homogeneous and stress free weld repair with improved metallurgical...

Piston Skirts

Piston Skirts

Regardless of engine type, DMI Dubai can recondition piston skirts by renewing the existing bronze rubbing band. Majority of two stroke piston skirts have one or more bronze bearing bands...

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Heads

DMI Dubai overhauls four stroke cylinder heads by repairing all leakages and renewing exhaust & inlet valve seats and spindle guides. DMI Dubai's engineers are able to rectify all common failures observed in cylinder...

Cylinder Liner

Cylinder Liners

DMI Dubai's high-tech facility is equipped to hone liners with cross hatching, high accuracy and high precision. DMI Dubai is able to work with cylinder liners of all engine types and sends its specialist team...

Connecting Rods

Connecting Rods

DMI Dubai's reconditioning process brings connecting rods back to original size as per maker's specification and ensures that all damaged areas are repaired. DMI Dubai is able to work with connecting rods...