Cranes and Hoisting Equipment

Trinity has the capabilities to manufacture and repair cranes and hoisting equipment with the help of its machine shop, foundry and fabrication facilities. A list of the common activities carried out are mentioned below:


  • Trinity can manufacture sheaves of various sizes by either machining from steel plates or round bars or by casting with its foundry facilities. Along with the facility of induction hardening, Trinity can manufacture sheaves of international standards for Oil & Gas, marine, dredging and cranes among others.


  • Manufacturing and fabrication of all structural components of cranes
  • Repairing of cracked booms, links, gear boxes, hydraulic cylinders, sheaves, sprockets
  • Fabrication of boom, hydraulic cylinders, gear boxes, sheaves, sprockets


  • Fabrication & machining of various types of winch assemblies and its individual components including sprockets, shafts and winch drums.
  • Overhauling, repair and reconditioning of complete winch assemblies including repair of its various components.