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Trinity receives API certifications

Posted at July 10, 2013 | Category: News

Trinity Mechanical Services (TMS) is proud to announce that it has received five American Petroleum Institute (API) certifications in quality management and manufacturing standards.

API Certificate

Obtaining the API certifications permits Trinity to manufacture a variety of standardized products for the growing oil and gas industry which include various seamless casing, coupling stock, casing or tubing pup joints and couplings, and accessories. With the API certifications, Trinity is now authorized to use the official API monogram on its products manufactured under API Specs 5CT, 6A, 7-1, 8C & 16A.

The American Petroleum Institute is one of the largest trade associations in the oil and gas industry which represents around 400 corporations across the world. The API certifications are among the most sought after industrial standards that promote the use of safe equipment and sound engineering and operating practices.

The API certifications will further empower Trinity in meeting the industry standards and customer expectations.